Cuyahoga Valley Tours

Bicycle Tours

 Kokosing Gap Trail

 Traveling on in this park 28 miles From Danville to Mount Vernon and back. You cross the the Kokosing river 4 times across 250 foot long railroad bridges. This is a chance for a novice to expert bicyclist to experience one of the premier rails to trails park in the U.S.  With a stop at Kenyon College and tour of it’s unique campus.

 Holmes County Trail

This is a 18 mile bicycle tour is formally the Cleveland Mount Vernon railroad. While riding on the this beautiful trail along with the amish buggies, you get to step back in time. It's a one day trip pack a lunch  or stop and eat in Fredericksburg.

 Great Allegany Passage
Ride on one of the most scenic bicycle trails east of the Mississippi. This route offers some really wonderful views as it cuts through the rugged mountainous terrain of Pennsylvania’s Allgheny Highlands. Enjoy the historic passage and bike a total of 60 miles. It's a 2 day tour.

Tour the Cuyahoga Valley

 Cuyahoga Valley National Park
We have 3 different tours of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park
All include the hidden secrets and beauty of the park.
For tours during the week please schedule a week ahead.

3 Hour Tour

Takes place on Saturday or Sunday afternoon

4 Hour Tour

Takes place on Saturday or Sunday afternoon
Either a bike or hike tour of some of Bob's favorite Places in the Cuyahoga Valley
Bring a Bike and a good pair of hiking shoes


8 Hour Tour

Takes place on Saturday or Sunday afternoon
Including a 2 hour stop at Hale Farm and Village
A Tour of Stan Hywett and lunch at a local restaurant

All tours will start at lock 29 overflow parking in Peninsula, across from Terry lumber.
Personalized local tours are available upon request.
Please call 2-3 days in advance. the cost will vary per venue and length of time.
Hotel pickup is available with a additional surcharge.

Amish Country

Day Trip to Berlin

Enjoy Amish country with stop at Wendall Forge, a local flea market, Lehmans Hardware Store and one Amish dinner provided. Please contact for dates

 Weekend in Berlin

Enjoy all from the day trip with the added charm of an Amish home  and beautiful Sugar Creek. Please contact for dates


Football & Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame

 Please contact for rates and to book one of these amazing landmarks

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Daytime: 330-633-7775


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